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Evalution Kits
Evalution Kits- RI-K3A-001A
The easy-to-use plug & play Low Frequency Midrange Reader Evaluation Kit gives you the opportunity to explore the capabilities of Texas Instruments’ 134.2 kHz Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology TIRIS™.

The core of this LF Evaluation Kit is the CE and FCC approved Series 2000 Micro Reader which is mounted on an Interface Board combined with an antenna. Various transponder samples and a demonstration software that runs on your desktop computer allow you to experiment with all the features of the RFID system.

RFID creates an automatic way to collect information about a product, place, time or transaction quickly, easily and without human error. It provides a contactless data link, without need for line of sight or concerns about harsh or dirty environments that restrict other auto ID technologies such as bar codes.

RFID has been applied in hundreds of applications in dozens of key industries. Examples include vehicle and personnel access control, automotive anti-theft systems, product and asset tracking, animal identification, supply chain automation, waste management...


    1 x S2000 Micro Reader RI-STU-MRD1 mounted on an Interface Board with: RS232 IF Port, Power Connector, Antenna Connector
      1 x 80mm Disk Antenna
      1 x Set of R/O, R/W, M/P Transponders in various pakages
      1 x PC Interface Cable
      1 x CD with User Documentation and Demo Software

    1 x 9V Power Supply Input 100V¡V240V, 1.5A with various main power connectors for international use
      1 x Getting Started Guide
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