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Smart Solutions

We design hardware and software for the rapidly expanding cash card industry and is a leader in supplying solutions for smart card vending with products operating in Canada, the US, Venezuela, Hong Kong, the UK, and Norway

Evalution Kits
Evalution Kits- AC Kit
From beginners to professionals

The Smart Card Development Pack enables effective development of customized applications and systems using smart cards, card readers, and PCs. Reflecting ACS's expertise in smart card technology, the development kit is a complete package containing all the vital components required for smart card application development, from beginner to experienced applications. It is also an ideal training and development tool for those who want to know more about smart card technology.

Software development companies can use the AC-kit to develop systems specific to their requirements to meet customers' demanding needs or to incorporate various smart card technologies into their current applications.

      Two ACR30 smart card readers (including USB and RS-232 connection interface)
      ABR balance reader (value checker)
      15 smart cards (5 ACOS2 8K byte MCU cards , SLE 4428 and SLE 4442 cards)
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